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Dear Friends,

thanks to your “never-ending faith” in GIMBE and its staff, once again we had a great Conference!

Sicilian land with its perfumes, colours, food and wines always creates the “ideal frame” of the Conference. By leaving Taormina, we hope you take home in your (not lost) luggage, the unforgettable days we spent together.

I am happy and proud of our “worldwide family” that – other than developing and spreading EBHC know-how & knowledge – looks forward to meeting, dining, wining and laughing.

Well, thanks to you for being part of this “terrific EBHC group”, from all five continents.
So now, it is time to launch a call of interest to the rest of the planets, and why not… outside the Solar System!

Looking forward to meeting you at 5th EBHC International Conference Sicily.
October, 28th – November 1st, 2009

Arrivederci from Zio Nino, Elena, Annamaria, Paola, Angela, Deborah & Marco
and…best wishes from Giusy, Gioacchino, Salvo & Antonio

Jenny Morris (UK)

Thank you to all of you for a fantastic conference – the best organised conference I have been to.
Everyone is very helpful and hospitable and good fun; I’m looking forward already to 2009!!

Madelon Finkel (USA)
Dear Nino and all who helped make this conference terrific
I think that this year's conference was the best ever and look forward to working on planning for 2009.
Many thanks for all your assistance in finding the lost luggage!
Many thanks for planning such a wonderful event.
Warm wishes, Madelon.

PS you will not believe this: Alitalia LOST our luggage AGAIN from Catania to Roma. Fortunately they managed to find it just in time for us to pick it up before our flight to Doha. Just amazing how sloppy they are. Oh well. All's well that ends well!

Veronica Wilkie (UK)
To all of you,
thank you for a great conference, one that is unique in its friendliness, style and content
See you in 2 years.

Lubna A. Al-Ansary (SA)
Dear all,
It was fanatastic.
Just like a dream but you left us with wonderful memories of you, the Conference and Taormina.
Thanks to your efforts. You are one of the greatest teams I've ever met.
You should be very proud of yourselves and of your achievements. Thanks a lot.
BTW, the dream is not over. It is the beginning.
The pictures I had with Annamaria, Angela and Deborah (and her dog) are attached.
Regards to Nino, Elena, Paola and Marco.
Hope to take more pictures in 2009.
Respectfully yours, Lubna.

Regina Kulier (UK)
Dear Nino
thanks do much for all your hospitality - i spent a wonderful time in Taormina! Congratulations also to your team who so perfectly organised the conference and so wonderfully took care of us!
Looking forward to seeing all of you next time in Sicily!
Best wishes, Regina.

Tiina Juhansoo and Ulvi Kõrgemaa (EE)
Greetings from Estonia,
Thank you for this wonderful conference!
We are back at home where temperature is minus 1 and we have snow!
All the best and we hope to see you all again.

Gudbjørg Øen (NO)
Thanks so much for an interesting and excellent conference - I hope more collegues from HSh will participate to the next conference.

Marie José Durand (CA)
Thank you, this congress was the best organization I never see.

Nicholas Rowe (UK)
Hello to you all, and many thanks for your warm and kind attention throughout the conference.

Veronica Maynard (UK)
Dear Nino,
Thank you and all of the organising committee for another wonderful conference! The venue, organisation, hospitality and dining excursions were just fantastic and every bit lived up to our expectations from the previous event....and it was lovely to meet up with friends we had met in 2005
We are already planning for our place at the 5th EBHC conference and keeping our fingers crossed that it will remain in Sicily - it is such a beautiful place.
With very best wishes and thanks.

Geert JMG van der Heijden (NL)
Dear Nino,
Many thanks for hosting us so lovely during the conference. You really have pampered us too the most large extent.
I look forward to further correspondence regarding producing topical searching queries and discuss alternative options for creating an EBM thesaurus.
Kind regards.

Franz Porzsolt (DE)
Hi Nino,
thanks again to you and your team for the excellent organisation of the conference.
Looking forward to Sicily 2009.
Best wishes.

Fatma El Zahraa (KW)
Dear Nino,
Congratulations for the excellent achieved conference outcomes. We have enjoyed the conference scientific atmosphere including latest EBM issues, social gatherings, Sicilian weather and hospitality.
Special recognition to Lido Caparena Hotel for the outstanding staff and arrangements.
We have enjoyed the Tour, the food and definetly shopping . i.e: Everything was great!!!
Looking forward for the next meeting.

Ayman Afifi (SA)
Dear Elena,
Let me thank you and all of the registration office for the great help and support you offered to all.
Thank you again and see you in 2009.

Julie Hadley (UK)
Dear Nino,
Thank you again for another wonderful conference and also for your hospitality.
I look forward to 2009.
Best wishes and thanks again.

Jonathan Underhill (UK)
Dear Nino
Thanks again for a FANTASTIC conference. I came away with loads of ideas, having met some wonderful people and having seen a beautiful part of the world for the first time - what more can you ask for?
Thanks again and hope to see you very soon!

Dragan Ilic (AU)
Dear Nino,
Sorry for the late email - I've only just returned home to Australia after the conference and an extended holiday in Europe. I just wanted to thank you and all of your wonderful staff for a fabulous conference. Your staff were truly wonderful, from the moment that they picked me up at the airport, during the entire conference and of course on departure. I would also like to thank the scientific committee for a great 'intellectual' experience. Personally I benefited greatly from the presentations and working groups that were available. I think that it's a sign of a great conference when we as delegates are wanting to go to more than just one theme group. Thank you also for organising a great social experience. I think the opportunity to network is extremely important and it was made that much more pleasant with the dinners were organised. Finally, Nino, thank you for being such a fabulous host! I look forward to seeing you all again at the next conference. In the meantime, if there is anything that I can do to help, particularly from a scientific viewpoint, for the next conference please feel free to contact me.
Best wishes.

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