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Dear all, the dream is over!

I left Taormina which I miss a lot, togeher with the unforgettable memories of the joyful and family athmosphere that highligheted the days we spent togheter in the occasion of our Conference.

I agree with you that it has been a great event and it is very important, for me, to say that this occurred because of your faith in GIMBE and in ZN (Zio Nino).

Moreover, we all know that Sicily with its landscape, perfumes and colours has given its contribution to the success of our Conference, but for sure the scientific issues did too.

I am very proud of all my old and new friend, together with we have created an “EBHC family” that will develop know how, knowledge and worldwide dissemination, for a continous growth of EBHC.

What to say about your feedback form, but expecially regarding your informal compliments and thanks from the first to last moment!

Well, thank You for being a fantastic group composed of people of all five continents!

Looking forward to meeting you all in 2007 hoping to share fantastic moments, as on the attachment


Arrivederci from Zio Nino,
together with Annamaria, Paola, Alessandra, Angela, Deborah and Giovanni

and best wishes from Giusy, Gioacchino, Salvo and Antonio

Martin Dawes

Thank you for putting on a fantastic conference. Diana & I enjoyed ourselves, met new friends, and experienced more of the spectacular Sicilian hospitality.
I will always be ready to help you and look forward to being with you in 2007.
Many many thanks
Good luck in Bologna
Your friend Martin

Paul Glasziou
Dear Zio Nino,
thanks again for your wonderful organisation and hospitality!
Everyone I spoke to had a wonderful and fruitful time.
Best wishes.

Franz Porszolt
Hi Nino
let me express my thanks to you and your team.
You did an excellent job as seen on the "Perceived Satisfaction" of the attendees.
I blocked my calender for 2007 and I'm can serve the scientific committee if you need help.

Jenny Morris
Dear Nino,
I do hope you returned home safely. I just wanted to say how much myself and my colleague Veronica Maynard appreciated all the efforts taken by all those involved in ensuring the conference ran smoothly.
We thought it was an excellent meeting and that we were all looked after superbly.
We were impressed by how well behaved your children were and how delightful they were - you and your wife must be very proud.
Please also pass on our thanks to all the team who supported you.
With best wishes and many thanks and we hope to be able to come to the 2007 conference.

Veronica Wilkie
Thanks again to all of you for a great conference

Ihinosen Jane Ovbude
Dear Nino,
Thank you once more for the most memorable conference I have ever attended.
The dream is over, but EBP is now a reality, it is evidently practicable.
The EBP presentations were superb. Then came the icing on the cake – Perceived Safety. What a brilliant way to end an excellent conference.
Thank you Nino and the entire team for using your evidence–based judgment in putting together such a successful conference.
Wow! Taomina, indeed Sicily is such a beautiful place with wonderful people. The richness of the Italian culture was clearly and unequivocally demonstrated by those exotic and delicious meals. The beauty of Sicily was in everything. Talk about Evidence-Based Practice. Just as well we changed the title. The Evidence of what was yet to follow in terms of excellent cuisine was seen in the appearance, composure, presentation and proficiency of all the staff at the Gala and the dinner the night before. Well done!
I am going ahead to spread the news for the successful implementation of EBP.
Based on all available evidence from the conference EBP works. EBP is real, it has come and will go a long way into the future. I look forward to 2007, God willing.
Greetings to your family and team including Zio Nino, Annamaria, Paola, Alessandra, Angela, Deborah and Giovanni, Giusy, Gioacchino, Salvo and Antonio.

Madelon Finkel
Dear Nino,
I am now back in New York and had time to reflect on the conference in Taormina.
I think it was a wonderful conference in a fabulous location.
The group continues to grow and the attendees this year were most interesting to talk to.
Congratulations to you for (again) hosting such an educational and fun conference.
I look forward to 2007.
With best wishes.

Agustín Gómez de la Cámara
Nino it is true.
Great event, superb Italian hospitality and very productive meeting.
Thanks and best regards

Anna Linda Patti
Dear Nino,
it was really a bright dream in a wonderful sunny seaside. A dream that I shared with people who add love, joyfulness and generosity, to their unbelieveble competences. People like you are. Thanks for everything to you and your lovely family.

Carol Taylor
Dear Nino,
thank you for your kind message. I beg to differ.
The dream is not over, but in its infancy and growing rapidly. I heard Kev (and Paul I think) talking about keeping the numbers down to comfortable levels, i.e. around 100 seemed to be about right according to people's views.
EBHC is such an important message and the interest in its implementation is growing. This conference has been a huge stimulus for me. I have taken away from it, new ideas, new contact details and friendship from like minded people who are all brimming with enthusiasm.
I am now on a mission to get EBHC somewhere on our M level programmes and on our proposed professional doctorate programme (still in the planning stage).
Thank you so much for your (and the GIMBE committee's) exceptional hospitatlity, friendship and kindness to us all.
I hope to see you again in two years time. Please keep me posted!!
Thank you again

Veronica Maynard
Dear Nino,
I just wanted to say a big thankyou for organising such an excellent conference.
The organisation, venue and content was excellent and we made some great contacts with academics from a number of countries.
The hospitality and generosity of Sicily was quite outstanding and we look forward to the next conference in 2007 - hopefully in Sicily!
Many thanks again
With best wishes

FAmit Ghosh
Hi Nino,
Hearty Congratulations on the highly successful 3rd EBHC conference.
Your organization was terrific and Annamaria, Paola, Alessandra, Angela, Deborah and Giovanni worked hard round the clock and were fantastic!
The meeting identified new opportunities and challenges for EBP and I am sure the next meeting would throw light on several of the issues that were raised in 2005.
I am looking forward to hearing presentations on several new areas of research and EBP outcomes.
Many thanks for creating a home away from our home by introducing us to your wonderful family.
You are always welcome in Rochester, Minnesota.

Julie Hadley
Dear Nino,
I just wanted to thank you for running such a wonderful conference and for making us feel so welcome. Once again many thanks and I look forward to meeting with you soon

Perri Stern
Dear Nino,
Thank you for organizing and directing such a wonderful conference.
I felt honored to be included with such a sophisticated, advanced group.
The sessions were excellent and I felt like I was able to learn a lot, and grow as a professional. And, the friendly, welcoming atmosphere helped me feel like a part of the group, even though I was there alone.
I really appreciated the opportunity to be included with this group and hope I can continue in the future.
Thank you again.

Dan Mayer
Dear Nino,
Thank you so much for all the work you put into the meeting to make it a very successful meeting.
I thought that the spirit and comraderie that was present at the meeting really was remarkable.
Also, please thank the staff, who did such a great job of making sure every part of the program ran well, and putting up with all of our (collective) complaining.
Thanks again and best wishes.

Patrica Bridges
Zio Nino, Annamaria, Paola, Alessandra, Angela, Deborah and Giovanni,
The conference was truly unforgetable. Every detail was handled beautifully.
Thank you so much

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