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Playing with BMJ Rapid Recommendations in the MAGIC evidence ecosystem

7th November, 4.30 PM
Per Vandvik
University of Oslo, Norway


Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG) developers face challenges in the creation, dissemination and updating of trustworthy recommendations. Using innovative approaches such as BMJ Rapid Recommendations and  the MAGIC platform in the Evidence Ecosystem may overcome these challenges.


  1. To understand how MAGICapp works for clinicians and patients, with trustworthy recommendations, evidence summaries and decision aids, exemplified through the BMJ Rapid Recommendations project for practice-changing evidence.
  2. To be introduced to the process of developing, publishing and dynamically updating a trustworthy recommendation from an existing systematic review, with the GRADE system and the MAGICapp.
  3. To get hands-on experience with use of the MAGICapp in the creation and dynamic updating of a living guideline recommendation.


  1. The workshop will open with an example of BMJ Rapid Recommendations, to exemplify how MAGICapp works for systematic reviewers and guideline panels in a collaborative network rapidly responding to potentially practice changing evidence.
  2. Participants then split into groups and play with a published BMJ Rapid Recommendation, exploring new publication formats in The BMJ and multilayered presentation formats in MAGICapp, such as GRADE evidence summaries from systematic reviews and consultation decision aids. Plenary discussion follows.
  3. Participants will then log into MAGICapp as authors and simulate a situation with an updated systematic review, warranting a dynamic updating of the evidence summary and recommendations, using the published BMJ RapidRecs as an example. They will experience the end result published on a variety of devices through the MAGICapp. In a final plenary discussion feedback on user experience of the MAGICapp will be discussed.

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